• Colorado Criminal Defense

    Gookin Law is currently practicing Criminal Defense in Colorado only

    Felony Defense

    Gookin Law has represented a number of clients in Felony Criminal cases. From an F6 theft to an F1 COCCA case, Ms. Gookin has represented clients in plea negotiations as well as trials.

    Misdemeanor Defense

    The vast majority of cases are charged as misdemeanors and Gookin Law has over a decade of experience handling a wide variety of different types of misdemeanor cases both juvenile and adult.

    Domestic Violence

    Have you been charged with domestic violence? Ms. Gookin can help you navigate the criminal justice system and explain to you all the ramifications that come with being charged with domestic violence.

    Sexual Assault

    Gookin Law has represented clients charged with sexual assault both as juveniles and adults. The consequences of a sexual assault charge can be everlasting and reach far into the future. Don't handle it alone. Hire an experienced attorney that can help.

    Drug Defense

    The drug laws are ever changing in Colorado. Gookin Law is always staying up to date on the latest changes and can represent you if you have been charged with any kind of drug offense.


    Want to have your case sealed? Want to take your name off the registration list? Gookin Law can help!