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Let's talk Wills in Colorado (Part 7)

What if I don't have a will?

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A person who does not have a will is termed to have died intestate.  Colorado has laws that designate how a decedent's probate assets would pass upon his death if he dies intestate.  Colorado's intestacy laws assume that a decedent would want his probate assets to pass first to his spouse and children.  If a decedent has a blended family, Colorado's intestacy laws contain very specific terms to provide amounts to the surviving spouse or the decedent's children from a current or prior partner.  If a decedent does not have children or a surviving spouse, generally his probate assets would be inherited first by his parents, if living, and the siblings and other relatives.  If you want your assets to be inherited differently than stated in Colorado's intestacy laws, your estate planning documents can designate dirrernt wishes.

(This is not intended to be legal advice and is only informational)