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Equine Law

Loveland Attorney Jill Gookin

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Equine law can be defined as the practice of law that involves all types of horses, horse-related activities, horse businesses, horse organizations, and horse facilities.  Many attorneys with Jill Gookin’s equine law practices serve horse owners or professionals in preparing or reviewing equine-related contracts in Loveland, Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado, Greeley, Colorado and surrounding areas and handle disputes and litigation arising from an equine-related transaction.

Jill loves horses, and is an experienced equine lawyer

Jill Gookin, Attorney, is an avid horse person. She lives with her husband on 35 acres in the Mountains outside of Loveland where they have six horses. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Horse Rescue. Jill Gookin can advise equine professionals concerning the liability of those engaged in equine activities. She is familiar with the Colorado statutes governing equine activities and has drafted contracts for boarding, training and breeding horses. Jill Gookin represents clients in Equine Law in Loveland, Colorado, Fort Collins, Colorado, Greeley, Colorado and the surrounding Northern Colorado Area.